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Image by Hiren Sojitra

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Wedding offerings

Our passion

Find on this page more information about our wedding services. Our offerings include complete mandap designs, priest services alongside full packages offers.

Madap Services


Mandaps are the heart of all ceremonies. Take inspiration through the variety of designs ideas we have in our gallery below. Each picture illustrates a unique example design alongside the available colours & flowers we offer. Don't hesitate to reach out and we can help address any queries, even if you're looking for general advice.


We look forward in helping you create an experience like no other!​ Our dessigns include a pole based Mandap, suitable for homes, venues, outside and indoors. A brief overview of our complete setup includes:

  • Wedding chairs, carpet & all accessories within the Mandap space

  • A beautiful design decorated with flowers alongside a choice of natural leafs & foliage

  • Discount is provided if you choose our priest service with our Mandap, see below for full package details

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Full packge

Full marriage package

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Choose our full package service which includes a Mandap design of your choice, alongside our priest who will perform the rituals for the wedding ceremony, all at a discount compared to choosing an individual service. 

Marriage Priest Services

Priest offerings

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The centre of the mandap is where you'll also find our priest. Whether you're looking for a complete package including the mandap, or just our priest offering, we'd be more than happy to help deliver your ceremony. You'll work in close communication with our priest, ensuring we meet all requirements you may have. All equipment will be provided by the priest to carry out the rituals for the wedding.

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